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About Whitworth Serves

This website is designed to better connect Whitworth students with service opportunities in the community as well as here on campus. Students can create a profile by signing up and begin to browse our community partners and their needs to find exciting service opportunities. Organizations interested in having their info and needs listed on the website can do so by clicking 'Agency Signup'.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact the Whitworth Service-Learning Department
Phone: 509.777.4279
Email: kculmback@whitworth.edu


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Service-Learning Hours Details

Students: how to enter S-L hours for your class!

Community Partners: How to approve S-L hours!


How to enter service-learning hours:

First, you can navigate to your course by:

  1. Going to http://serve.whitworth.edu
  2. Clicking “Service-Learning”
  3. Click "View" for Fall 2014
  4. Click "View" for your class (listed by course number)
  5. Click Enroll (if you haven’t already)

Once you have found your class, you can review the different placements that are available to you. You can find your placements by clicking “Service Opportunities” when you are on your class’ webpage.

Find the organization that you would like to work with and contact them. We generally suggest contacting a couple of other organizations as well, in case you don’t hear back from your first choice or if it is full.

Now that you have made contact with your organization and have set up your volunteer schedule, you must go back to your class’ page on Whitworth Serves. Find your placement and select Sign Up. Doing this will let us and your professor know which organization you are serving with and allow you to track your service-learning hours.

To track your service-learning hours, click Track Hoursin your class' page on Whitworth Serves. This page will show you how many total hours you have entered, how many have been verified by the organization you’re serving with, and how many hours you have remaining. It will also show you a list of each individual hour you have entered.

To enter hours, click “Add Entry +”. Fill out the organization you served with, the date, and how many hours you served. Transportation is completely optional and is for your own personal use. Be sure to click “Submit” once you are done filling out the form.

You will see that the hours have been added to the list.

Don’t forget to do things in this order:
Contact organization
Sign up
Track hours


How to approve service-learning hours:

  1. Login to Whitworth Serves, http://serve.whitworth.edu, by clicking “Login/Join”
    • If you do not remeber your password, you can click "Forgot Password?"
  2. You should be automatically taken to your organization’s profile page
  3. To approve/decline hours, click the grey tab labeled “Service Learning
  4. You will see a list of all the classes you are listed as a placement with. You will have to click ‘View’ on each of these classes to approve students who have entered hours for them
  5. When you click ‘View’ on a class, you will be taken to a page listing all your volunteer opportunities. These are auto-populated by us, but you are welcome to change them if you see fit.
  6. Click the tab that is labeled ‘Verify Hours
  7. Here you will see all the hours that have been entered, you can approve or decline them
  8. If you ever have to decline hours, please let us know! 

  • Fun Fact: Volunteering increases chances of finding a job!

    Have you ever felt like volunteering is a waste of time? A mean trick that professors use to increase your course work load in the midst of your already stressful life in order to "enhance your learning outcomes"? Well, besides the fact that it ?does increase those darn learning outcomes (see citation below if you're curious!), it has quite a few positive effects beyond that. Check out these great, informative infographics for more information!