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Our Place Community Ministries

Who We Are

Since 1987, Our Place has grown from a group of concerned citizens distributing food and clothing out of a basement into a multi-faceted outreach recognized for our truly caring and effective approach to poverty and homelessness. All who come here live in poverty. They are some of Spokane's poorest and most vulnerable citizens. The West Central area is one of the poorest in Washington State. Last year we assisted 14,270 people, including 1,321 homeless, with food,transportation, clothing, hygiene items, laundry and utility assistance. Only 871 (just over 4%) had part or full-time employment, and these jobs were low paying; typically less than $15,000 per year. The number one source of income for people is public assistance, followed by social security. Over 80 volunteers donate their time and energy to Our Place each month.

What We Do

“Our Place Community Ministries, a West Central outreach, respectfully welcomes and supports our neighbors in improving their quality of life.”


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