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A liberal arts education can change the world

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Apr 23, 2015
by Ross Watts

The liberal arts have long suffered from the increased specialization of disciplines in higher ed, as calls for experts have silenced the general appeal of employers for educated generalists. Recent works calling for a return to liberal arts education have been bestsellers, most notably Deresiewicz's Excellent Sheep, but have not yet stirred reform in Amercan colleges and universities toward a generalization of curriculum aimed at producing graduates with a civic consciousness and general skills needed to improve public life. 

Here is one of the more compelling arguments I have heard in defense of the liberal arts, embedded in a campus model of promoting the public good.  Take 18 minutes of your time, and listen to Liz Coleman, former president of Bennington College, explain her rationale for a cross-disciplinary, hands-on college experience as the ideal education for our time. You'll be glad you listened.

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